Do This to Protect Your Legal Rights After an Accident

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The moments after a car accident are a blur. Your heart is racing. You’re hurting. You’re not sure what happened.

You’ve only barely begun to realize the ways this trauma might change your life.

You need medical care right away. You also need to take certain steps to ensure you get the most financial assistance later on.

A personal injury claim can be the key to getting your life back together. But you’re going to need Kentucky Courage™. At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, that’s what we provide.

We’ve gathered five steps you should take to protect your legal rights—and your chances of winning maximum compensation—after a crash.

Follow the steps. And as soon as you can, give us call.

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5 Steps to Take after an Accident in Kentucky

  1. See a doctor right away, even if you don’t think you’re injured.

    If you’re obviously hurt, then of course your priority should be getting medical attention. Your well-being comes first.

    Then later on, records of your treatment will become an important part of your case for personal injury compensation.

    But sometimes your injury may not be obvious.

    The spike of adrenaline you get after a sudden, shocking crash might be masking an injury.

    At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, we see this regularly with our clients: The next day, or the day after, someone in an accident starts feeling pain they didn’t notice at first.

    This is why you should see a doctor right away, no matter what. If you wait too long, an insurance company could try to argue your injuries were caused by something else.

  2. Don’t give a statement to an insurance carrier.

    As soon as your insurance company, or the carrier for the other driver, hears about your accident, they may want you to give them a statement.

    Don’t do it. Talk to a lawyer first. You want to make sure you don’t say anything that hurts your chances of getting maximum compensation down the road.

    Politely tell the insurance representative that you don’t feel comfortable talking at this time—and you’re going to go see a doctor.

  3. Get names of witnesses.

    People passing by when your accident happened can be hard to capture. Get their names and contact information before they move on.

    You might never be able to find a witness again.

  4. Get photos of the accident scene.

    If your physical condition allows it, take pictures.

    Show how the vehicles are situated compared to each other right after the collision.

    Of course, if it’s unsafe to leave your car where it ended up, and it’s possible to move it out of traffic lanes, then move it.

  5. Get a lawyer before evidence and people disappear.

    The faster you get an attorney after an accident, the better off you’ll be.

    Sometimes you have to act fast because the person who hit you becomes hard to find.

    Our attorneys can serve the other driver with a lawsuit within 24 hours. Even if the person disappears, their insurance company will still have to answer for the lawsuit.

    If you don’t file suit right away—and the person moves and becomes hard to track down—their insurance company uses the opportunity to say they aren’t sure who was at fault and can’t take your word for it.

    And one word of caution: Be wary of attorneys or medical providers who contact you unsolicited. Seek out your own lawyer.


Get Support Against Insurance Companies

Even if you’re not able to take all of these steps, don’t give up. Get an experienced lawyer who can still build a strong case for you.

Insurance companies always look out for themselves first. Attorneys Roy Collins and Dan Yeast saw that firsthand when they worked for insurance companies. So now they work for everyday Kentuckians like you.

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