About Kathy Banks

I joined the Kentucky Courage law firm in 2020. I handle workers’ compensation cases. As an injury lawyer with Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, I have the opportunity to actually help individuals who have been injured and need assistance. I’m from Paintsville, a small Kentucky town, and I work at the office that is located here.

For the past 13 years, I have worked as an insurance defense attorney, handling workers’ compensation and subrogation claims. Knowing how the defense side works is a tremendous advantage. I can evaluate a case, and I see what the defense is going to look at. I know what weaknesses they will see in a case, and I help my clients overcome them.

One of my most satisfying wins was a workers’ compensation case that I appealed to the Board twice because the judge’s opinion was not supported by substantial evidence of record. Both times, I won on appeal. Some of my most interesting cases have involved in-depth investigations into safety penalties and how or if there was a safety violation.

I was a history major in college, but I was always attracted to the practice of law, so I decided to go in that direction. I had always wanted to help individuals, and I was always compassionate toward their situations. In my role as a lawyer, my personal skills that are most important are communication and being able to analyze all aspects of a claim.

I have always felt compassion for individuals involved in the legal process. When I first meet clients, I try to make them comfortable. I listen to the information that they tell me, and I let them know we can help them on their journey. When they leave that first meeting, they should feel confident that we can handle their case.

I see Kentucky Courage as the law firm that can help anyone. I know we will strive to help you if you were hurt at work or in an accident.