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Kentucky Injury Legal Services

If you were hurt on the job, in an accident or need help with Social Security Disability, we want to help. Contact a Lawyer Now

From Personal Injury to Workers’ Comp to
Social Security Disability,
Kentucky Courage™ is Just a Call Away

Kentucky CourageKentucky Courage

At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, we know you’re going through a difficult time if you can’t work or were hurt in a car or big truck accident. And you’ve shown courage just getting by day-to-day and making ends meet for your family.

Our attorneys have the courage to take on the Social Security Administration, the big insurance companies and anyone who’s trying to keep you from getting maximum compensation. And because we’re experienced in so many areas of the law, we can help you with more than one type of case at the same time.

But now, you aren’t sure where to turn or what to do. It’s time to get Kentucky legal help. It’s common for clients to come in and think they only have a Workers’ Comp case or Personal Injury case when in fact they may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, too. We’ll take a look at all the benefits you may qualify for and get you all you deserve.

Every day, we help hardworking, courageous Kentuckians just like you with all kinds of legal matters. Give us a call to get even more Kentucky courage on your side.