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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Kentucky

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Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You were riding your motorcycle when a driver in another vehicle hit you or ran you off the road. You survived, but you need help. Now you run into another problem: People with attitudes about motorcycle riders. Some people think you were reckless just because you were on a motorcycle. Sometimes this includes insurance adjusters who stand in the way of the money you need to move past the accident and get back to your life.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer are here to fight those attitudes and stand up for your rights on the road. Our experienced legal team provides the Kentucky Courage you need to fight for the full compensation you deserve after a devastating accident.

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Do You Have a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Not every motorcycle accident results in a personal injury claim. However, you should speak with a Kentucky motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible if:

  • Someone else was at fault for your crash. All motorists are responsible for acting in a reasonable manner that keeps everyone else on the roads safe. When a driver fails to do this, he or she should be held responsible for any injuries caused.
  • You suffered injuries during the crash and required medical treatment. Rarely do motorcycle accident victims escape these crashes unscathed. You should speak with an attorney about your right to compensation for current and future damages related to your injury.
  • Your injuries have caused you to miss work or had other effects on your life. Lost income and loss of future earnings are some of the most common types of damages sought in motorcycle accident claims. Additionally, if you have experienced significant pain and suffering as a result of the accident, you may be able to pursue compensation for this loss.

Please reach out to our experienced motorcycle crash lawyers to talk about the specifics of your case in a free consultation. We are here to answer your questions and give you the Kentucky Courage you need during this stressful time.

Why Are Motorcycle Crashes More Complicated?

Many people think that motorcycle accident claims are very similar to car accident claims. They are very different, though. The biggest differences between these two types of accidents include:

  • Motorcyclists suffer much more serious injuries, many of which are permanent and require long-term care and support.
  • Motorcycle accident victims typically need more compensation for medical costs and lost wages due to the severity of their injuries.
  • Victims of motorcycle crashes face additional challenges such as jury biases and stereotypes from insurance adjusters.
  • More motorcycle accidents result in wrongful deaths, leaving families to fight for justice on their loved ones’ behalf when the victims can no longer speak for themselves.

Due to these complications, no one should ever take on their motorcycle accident case alone. Our attorneys are well-versed in these complexities, and we know how to fight for the full and fair compensation crash victims deserve.

Benefits of Hiring a Kentucky Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

You don’t have to hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim, but you should. At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, our dedicated Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyers will take the pressure off of you by:

  • Explaining the entire process and always letting you know what you can expect
  • Managing all communication with the insurance companies and anyone else involved
  • Advising you on how to get a rental car and what to do about immediate medical expenses
  • Collecting all the necessary evidence to prove your case
  • Evaluating your medical records and working with experts to show how your injuries will affect you in the future
  • Fighting back against prejudices on the part of insurance companies and juries
  • Negotiating aggressively in pursuit of a full settlement offer
  • Arguing your case at trial, if necessary

If you need legal advice after a motorcycle accident in Kentucky, please contact our law firm today. We can answer all your questions in a free consultation.

Kentucky Motorcycle Laws and How to Understand Them

Kentucky Motorcycle Laws and How to Understand Them

Kentucky is a gorgeous state, and there’s no better way to get around it than on a motorcycle. However, before hopping on your bike, it’s essential that you know the laws of the state.

All motorcycles must have proper state registration before they are ridden on the road. Bikers must also have a valid driver’s license to operate a motorcycle. Motorcycle helmets are not necessary for riders over the age of 21, but those younger than this must wear a helmet at all times.


How Is Fault Determined in a Motorcycle Wreck?

The only way to determine fault in a motorcycle accident is to analyze the facts. If another driver was violating traffic safety laws, that could determine fault. If another driver was behaving in a lawful manner, but still acted irresponsibly, such as by not properly checking his or her blind spot before changing lanes, that can also help determine fault.

Law enforcement should always be called to the scene of a motorcycle accident. In fact, whenever there is significant property damage or injuries, Kentucky law mandates that those involved must call law enforcement to the scene.

Calling law enforcement to the scene will not only keep you in compliance with the law, though. Police officers will also determine who was at fault for the crash and include that in their report. This accident report can provide proof that another driver was at fault for your motorcycle wreck.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered After a Motorcycle Accident?

Compensation after a motorcycle accident is meant to restore the victim, or make the person whole again after the crash. There are many types of compensation available to help with this, including:

  • Medical expenses: Compensation for these costs can include not only current medical costs, but future expenses, as well.
  • Disability: The law recognizes that when a person suffers a disability as a result of an accident, such as paralysis, the victim deserves compensation to accommodate for that. This compensation includes house renovations, nursing care, and more.
  • Lost wages: Like medical expenses, current lost income and future lost income and loss of earning power can also be included in a motorcycle accident claim.
  • Property damages: Motorcycles are often destroyed during a crash, and victims can include this property damage in their claim.
  • Pain and suffering: Motorcycle accident victims experience a great deal of pain and suffering. Although it is not easy to put a price on this type of loss, victims deserve to be compensated for this.
  • Loss of consortium: Loss of consortium compensates accident victims for the loss of emotional and intangible support of their marriage, affection, and companionship.
  • Wrongful death: Tragically, many motorcycle accident victims don’t survive the crash. When another driver is at fault, this is known as wrongful death, and loved ones can claim compensation.

Beware of any immediate settlement offers from an insurance company after a motorcycle accident. It takes time to understand the total losses that you will suffer, and any early settlement offers will not take into account your long-term needs.

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

There are many steps you should take after a motorcycle accident to protect your rights down the line. These steps include:

  • Seek medical attention: Your health should be your first priority. Additionally, getting medical help right away can begin the documentation process for your injuries.
  • Report the crash: If there are injuries or property damage, it’s important to call 911 or the local police station so law enforcement can come out to the scene.
  • Exchange information: Exchange information with the other driver, including contact information, names, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers.
  • Say very little: You may have to exchange information with the other driver, but don’t talk about the crash. When police arrive, say as little as possible and don’t talk to any insurance adjuster who contacts you before speaking to an attorney.
  • Gather evidence: Take photos at the crash scene, and get the names and contact information for any witnesses to the crash.
  • Call an attorney: The best way to protect your rights after an accident is to speak to a motorcycle wreck attorney. A lawyer will deal with the at-fault party and the insurance company to ensure your rights are protected.

Tips for Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Motorcycle Wreck

After a motorcycle accident, the insurance company of the at-fault party will likely contact you right away. At times, they even visit accident victims while they are still in the hospital. It’s important to remember that these insurance adjusters are not on your side, so you must be armed with some tips when dealing with them.

The insurance adjuster will likely ask you to provide a recorded statement. You should never comply with this request. In fact, you should say as little as possible to the adjuster until you’ve had a chance to speak with your attorney.

Also, don’t sign a medical release. This gives the insurance company access to your medical records, which they will comb through hoping to find a pre-existing condition that can serve as grounds to deny your claim.

It’s also important to never admit fault for the accident. Even saying that you’re sorry the accident happened at all may be seen as an admission of guilt. If you are found at fault for a crash, the insurance company will use this to deny your claim. Never apologize or say you were in any way even partly at fault for the accident.

You must always be honest with the insurance adjuster. If the insurance company finds out you weren’t truthful, it will also use this to deny your claim. If you are asked something and you are unsure of the answer, simply state that you don’t know. Never guess at what happened.

If you are ever uncomfortable speaking with the adjuster, tell them so and end the conversation. Insurance companies often use bullying tactics to make accident victims uncomfortable. When that happens, individuals may say or do something that can hurt their claim. It’s best to just say you don’t feel comfortable talking.

Lastly, do not accept any settlement offer. Immediately following an accident, an insurance adjuster may offer you a settlement. This is likely going to be a low-ball offer that won’t be enough to fully cover the cost of your expenses. If you accept it, you are barred from receiving any compensation in the future, even if your medical expenses and other costs are more than you originally thought. Before signing anything, speak to an attorney.

Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits in Kentucky

All personal injury claims in Kentucky have a statute of limitations, or a time limit, on when they must be filed. Auto accidents, including motorcycle accidents, have a statute of limitations of two years in Kentucky. If claims are filed after this time, it’s likely that the courts will throw the case out and you will be barred from receiving any compensation at all.

For this reason, it’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney cannot file your claim until he or she has had time to investigate, collect evidence, prove fault, and understand the full extent of your injuries.

The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner your attorney can get to work on your case and ensure your claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

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If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who will protect your rights and help you demand the full amount of compensation you deserve. At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, our Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyers are passionate about giving crash victims the courage they need to get through tough times.

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