About Alison Sparks

I am Alison Sparks, an attorney with Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer. My primary focus is on Social Security disability. I also help clients with workers’ compensation cases.

I understand that each and every case will change the life of my clients. I take that responsibility seriously. My goal is to help people when they come to our office. I want to work toward making their situation better and helping them through the legal process.

When I first meet with a prospective Social Security disability client, I try to relate to them and find out exactly where they are at. I know that people do not come to us when they are having the best time of their life. You don’t go looking for an attorney when something good happens to you.

During that first meeting, I want to be able to meet my clients’ needs, offer them reassurance and guide them through the challenges they are getting ready to face. When clients leave that initial meeting, I want them to know that I am on their side and that I am there to advocate for them. I want them to know I am the person who has their back.

I am personally involved with every client at all stages of representation. I work diligently to ensure that my clients stay informed about their cases, and I let them know they have an open line of communication to me. I want my clients to feel that they can contact me with questions or other concerns at any point during their case.

The most satisfying aspect of being a Social Security disability attorney is reaching an outcome that brings positive changes to my clients’ lives. My clients are typically individuals who have suffered traumatic events that were not necessarily any fault of their own. I get great satisfaction when I can help them get their lives back on track.

My clients have humanized the practice of law for me. When we leave law school as new attorney, we have these ideals that are often unrealistic and not related to the lives of the people who hire us for legal help. I have come to learn that the practice of law is not just about books and statutes. We are dealing with real people with very real lives. Our goal is to help them to move forward in a positive way.