Make Truck Drivers Pay for Ignoring Safety Laws

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When you or a loved one is injured in an accident with a big truck —and you learn the driver wasn’t following all the safety rules—you get angry.

You should be angry.

A careless truck driver put your life at risk and left you with injuries and expenses.

You deserve maximum compensation, so you can rebuild your life.

And if the driver violated safety laws, proving it could be the key to winning your personal injury claim.

The experienced lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer know what to look for after a big truck accident. We can discover if the driver or trucking company acted out of negligence. We give people in Kentucky and West Virginia the courage to fight back.

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What Rules Must Truck Drivers Follow?

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The weight trucks carry makes them extremely dangerous in a accident. Thousands of people get hurt in crashes with trucks every year. And numbers from the federal government (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) suggest crashes are only going up.

So the federal Department of Transportation has special rules for trucks that cross state lines, including:

  • Having a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Drivers must pass a knowledge test and skills test to get a CDL. If the driver who hit you doesn’t have a CDL, you can sue for damages.
  • Taking Breaks. Drivers are required by law to take breaks and get a certain amount of sleep each night. Generally, commercial drivers must take a 30-minute break every eight hours. And they can’t work more than 60-70 hours per week. They have to keep track of their work hours and breaks. If they can’t show you this log, they may be liable for your accident.
  • Proper Loading. Overloading a truck makes it even more destructive in a accident. Too much weight means the driver is more likely to lose control. Not only that, excess weight causes wear and tear on the highways themselves. So drivers have to keep their trucks under certain weight limits, depending on the type of truck. For your personal injury claim, your lawyer can investigate the weight of the truck in your accident.
  • Maintaining the Truck. Failure to maintain a vehicle leads to accidents. Sometimes, you can even seek damages from the truck manufacturer or the mechanic responsible for maintaining the truck.
  • Properly Carrying Hazardous Waste. Truck drivers transporting hazardous cargo must follow strict rules set by the federal Office of Hazardous Materials Safety. If a trucker or company fails to follow the rules and injures you, you may be able to sue them.

Get a lawyer who knows how to tell when a truck driver breaks the rules.

At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, we’ll evaluate your case and study your legal options.

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Who’s Responsible When a Truck Driver Breaks the Rules?

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When you’re hurt in an accident with a big truck, you’ll also need your attorney to prove who was responsible. Was it the driver? Their employer? The truck manufacturer?

Often, your attorney may seek compensation for your injuries from the trucking company rather than the individual driver, because there’s a better chance of securing payment.

Your attorney could take any of these approaches to recovering money:

  • Proving that the driver broke one of the safety regulations above, meaning the driver was negligent.
  • Proving the driver broke another law of the road, like driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Proving that the trucking company hired the driver negligently, maybe because the driver had past criminal convictions or other problems making him or her unfit for commercial driving.

Accidents happen when truck drivers and companies are too eager to get the job done, so they take shortcuts on safety.

Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer makes them pay.

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