Repairing Your Life after an Accidenty

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A reckless driver crashed into you. It wasn’t your fault, and now you’re stuck with big problems you don’t deserve.

Injuries. Vehicle damage. Medical bills. The chore of resolving a personal injury claim.

You’re angry. You need the responsible person or their insurance to pay for your losses, so you can repair the damage to your life and move forward.

But you don’t know how to manage this kind of fight.

That’s what the lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer are for.

Whether you have a car accident claim, a truck accident claim, a motorcycle accident claim or another kind of injury from someone else’s negligence, we’ll handle the fight to get you maximum compensation.

We’ll back you up with Kentucky Courage™.

And we’ll always let you know where you stand. You can start by reading our guide below on what to expect from the process of a personal injury claim.

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The Parts of the Personal Injury Claims Process

In the personal injury claims process, you may be able to negotiate a settlement payment from an insurance company. An experienced attorney can help you get more than what they’ll offer you if you don’t have representation.

Or you may need to ask a court to award you damages.

These are the basic steps toward getting what’s fair after someone hurt you:

  • Step 1: Investigating. One of our lawyers gathers records of your medical treatment and collects statements from witnesses. We can even help make sure you’re getting the appropriate treatment. If needed, we’ll work with an accident reconstructionist to thoroughly investigate your wreck. It’s best to get a lawyer soon after a wreck because evidence can disappear fast.
  • Step 2: Negotiating a settlement. You’ll calculate how much the accident will cost you, including both past and future medical costs. Then seek a fair settlement with the other driver or their insurance. Experienced personal injury attorneys know the tactics insurance companies use in negotiations.
  • Step 3: Filing a lawsuit. If the other party won’t cooperate, you take your case to court. Most cases don’t get this far, but you need a lawyer willing to go there if that’s what it takes to win what you need.
  • Step 4: Building your lawsuit. You enter the “discovery” phase, when you’ll formally exchange questions and answers about the wreck with the other driver. Everyone involved gives sworn statements called depositions. The idea is to avoid any surprises when you get to court.
  • Step 5: Going to trial. You take your case to a judge or jury, make your argument for what the other driver owes you and seek an award from the court requiring them to pay you for your suffering.

Before you get too deep into it, Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer can provide a consultation, letting you know your options, for free.

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Types of Compensation You Can Receive

This is what’s at stake in a personal injury claim:

  • Money for your medical bills
  • Payment for missing work because of your injuries
  • Payment for experiencing a permanent impairment
  • Payment for your property damage
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured
  • Compensation for loss of companionship if a loved one was badly hurt

This compensation can make a major difference in your life and financial future after a shocking trauma like a car wreck.

Don’t take any chances getting everything you deserve.

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