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If you can’t work after you were hurt in a car wreck, truck wreck or other injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you worry how you’re going to make ends meet.

You’ll need courage to get maximum compensation for this disruption to your life. The personal injury lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer bring a special brand of courage—Kentucky Courage™—to your case.

We stand up to big insurance companies on behalf of our hardworking neighbors in Kentucky. We know the local laws and courts. We know the tricks insurance companies use to shortchange you.

We can help you make the responsible parties pay.

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Some lawyers never take a case to court. But if that’s what you need, we will.

Insurance companies will try to push your claim aside as quickly and cheaply as they can. Work with us, and they won’t get away with it.

You could also be eligible for other forms of compensation beyond a personal injury case.

The lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer look out for every financial support available to you so you can put your life back together.

Our lawyers help with:

  • Personal injury claims when you’re hurt in a wreck.
  • Workers’ compensation claims when you’re hurt at work.
  • Social Security Disability claims when you can’t work for a long time.


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“I think they’re some of the best personal injury attorneys in Kentucky, so without question they were my first call.”

— Former Judge Bill Trude, who went to Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer after a car crash

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